15 very real struggles that only bartenders will understand

Bartending can be a tough gig. Your friends think you’re just knocking them back all night. Little do they know the truth. From the late nights and cheap tippers to the soaked shoes and the stuffy uniforms (not to mention really, really drunk people) it can be taxing. We salute you, distributor of drinks and sage of spirits. This one is for you.

1. You have to be everyone’s psychiatrist.

2. And you also have to be an on-call bouncer. 

3. Seriously … I’m NOT your babysitter!

4. Managers are always watching your pour!

5. How you want to flip bottles.

6. How you really flip bottles.

7. You always smell like beer at the end of the night.

8. The uniform isn’t always the most on-trend (maybe we can help?)

9. There’s always that one customer you have to deal with.

10. Customer shouting over loud music: “I need 13 Alabama Slammers, seven Irish Car bombs, 14 Kamikazes, six beers, three of them lite …”

11. It’s packed! But someone orders that drink that takes forever to make. 

12. There’s always that guy who’s seen “Cocktail” twice and thinks he knows more than you.

13. Unruly sports fans are the worst … amirite?

14. It can make your social life a little, well, complicated.

15. This guy really did set the bar too high.

We get it, bartenders. We know that it’s a tough world out there. We’ve been there. We can’t mix your drinks for you. But maybe we can offer you some gear to make your nights a little more comfortable.

To all of the bartenders out there, we say cheers. Because we know if your job was easy, everyone would do it. 

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