5 Types of Chefs You Meet at Culinary School

While you can weigh the pros and cons of attending culinary school, there’s no doubt that if you decide to take the plunge, you’ll meet quite a few characters on your first day in the test kitchen. And while you’ll leave with an advanced degree in gastronomy, we thought we’d give you a helping hand when it comes to your classmates – so grab your schooling jacket and beanie and prepare yourself for the five types of people you’ll meet in culinary school!

THE PROTÉGÉ | Get the Look: Le Mans Chef Coat
She’s a kitchen rock star before she even sets foot in the door – whether she has a famous chef dad or comes from a region known for their stellar cooks, this up-and-comer already has the credentials to helm their own kitchen – now, if only they knew how to make stock…

THE PRESSURE COOKER | Get the Look: Cool Vent™ Coat
He’s always late and has definitely hasn’t done the assignment – but you know what – who cares? He’ll wing it and make it work. He channels the stress of a real-life kitchen and thrives. Take our word for it: after graduation, this guy is going to be the backbone of his chosen restaurant, churning out amazing plates for his equally amazed superiors.

THE ORGANIZER | Get the Look: The Hartford Chef Coat
Spatula? Check. Paring knife? Check. Kitchen Twine? Oh, you bet. This all-star culinary newcomer comes prepared to learn the techniques of the masters and use all her new tools in the process. She keeps copious notes and a little box where she tracks recipes, tips, and brand recommendations. No matter where she lands, the kitchen will be lucky to have her.

THE RAW TALENT | Get the Look: The Tribeca Chef Coat
Effortless flambéing and sautéing, everything comes naturally to this kid who just picked up a stock pot yesterday. It’s like they were born with tongs in their hand, their eternal clock is never wrong, and nothing ever goes awry at their station. It’s clear this chef is meant for greatness, so kitchens of the world: watch out!

THE REVOLUTIONARY | Get the Look: The Valencia Chef Coat
Farm-to-fork is so done. This chef has the next great culinary movement under his toque, and he’s not afraid to shake up the status quo in the kitchen. He’ll challenge professors and master chefs, question everything, and maybe, just maybe, there’s something to his ramblings about free-range legumes. Expect great things from this wild cat – or at least keep an eye out for him come your 10-year school reunion.

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