Chef Appreciation Week: How chefs want to be appreciated!

Sunday officially kicks of Chef Appreciation Week.  That’s obviously a big deal for the gang here at Chef Works. In fact, it’s such a big deal that we might be offering a big deal (cough, SALE!, cough). Follow our social channels for details:

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To kick off Chef Appreciation Week, we thought it would be fun to talk to a few chefs around the country and hear directly from them how they like to be appreciated. This might spark an idea or two if you want to do something special for the chef in your life next week.

Here’s what they say:

Chef Gale Gand

“One of the best gifts I ever got was from a customer who came to Tru for dinner to celebrate getting her appetite back after she beat cancer. She brought me a basket of avocados and lemons from her backyard trees.” – Gale Gand, two-time James Beard winner

“Honestly, nothing would make me feel more appreciated than to be left alone an entire 24 to 48 hours. No phone calls, no questions, no requests, no recipes, no books. Just some quality me time.” John Tesar, Top Chef participant, author

“I would like to be appreciated as a chef, for the debt of understanding that goes into every job I have done from feeding the homeless to line cook to the White House. Each is met with the same outcome of satisfaction and service. I’m saying I’m not just a chef, but an inspiration to let all kids know that each profession is important and you can make a change even if you’re cooking in a kitchen.” Andre Rush, Chef, motivational speaker, Wounded Warriors advocate

Chef Allison Fasano

“As a Chef I feel appreciated when people hear my story. Food gives us a voice to let our walls down and let people in. Through food you can taste so much more then flavor. There’s history in every dish that us chefs develop. Our travels, heritage and passion could be felt in every bite. Sometimes getting to know that person behind the kitchen door could help you understand their food and appreciate who they are and who they become.” Allison Fasano, Executive Chef at Harley’s American Grille in New York, Beat Bobby Flay participant

“I think we really just want people to like our food and enjoy our overall food experience. If guests are happy, we’re happy.  One of the best compliments we can get is turning ‘non-believers’ into ‘believers’ when it comes to food. For example, when one person says ‘I don’t even like scallops’ or something similar, but they love our scallops and end up eating the entire dish. We love making different foods approachable for all.” Nude Dude Food, Executive Chefs

Chef Amber Lancaster

You never reverse think about that. To be honest, to know or to hear from my staff that I’m doing a good job would be really rewarding. If my staff really did appreciate me, to hear it from them would be appreciation enough. I also love flowers. Hint, hint. – Amber Lancaster, Executive Chef, Sable Kitchen & Bar in Chicago (Note … look for Chef Amber next month on our blog as a Chef of Chef Works!)

Chef John Tesar and Nude Dude Food are part of the dozens of chefs and mixologists who will be competing in October in WASTED: A Celebration of Sustainable Food in San Diego. For information about the event, go to



3 thoughts on “Chef Appreciation Week: How chefs want to be appreciated!

  1. Thanks for sharing and supporting all chefs for Chefs Appreciation Week Worldwide!

  2. I would like to recognize Chef. Ileana D. Medina who is a caregiver woman and beautiful. Current she is working at Duke Regional Hospital where her voice and attention to detail is stunning. She takes patients care seriously and also take food to another level. Always with passion and humbleness love.

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