Chef Works Weekly Bites:
Week 27

Welcome to Week 27 of 2019. Chef Works Weekly Bites is where we take a dive into the notable and fun food stories of the week.

First up is guess the quote.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.” (Do you know who said it? Answer at the bottom).


Let’s kick things off this week with a meaty story! We’ve covered the veggie-based burger revolution plenty on the Chef Works blog. But is the pendulum starting to swing in a different direction? How about veggies that are made out of meat?

That’s right, Arby’s is throwing a little shade at the fake meat companies with its “meat carrot.”

The move is a gleeful troll by the carnivorous fast food chain that recently announced it’s never going to sell fake meats like the Impossible Burger. Specifically, the marrot is a seasoned, marinated turkey breast, cut and rolled into the shape of a carrot. It’s cooked sous vide. Then it’s rolled in dehydrated carrot juice and oven-roasted. The marrot is finished with a brûlée of maple sugar and a sprig of parsley on top. Taylor points out that it’s high in protein and vitamin C—what Arby’s dubs a “meat snack.”

You can read the full story from Fast Company here.


  • Cottage cheese is making a comeback as the latest and greatest “superfood” according to the folks at Prevention.
  • Eating too much junk food? Need something to keep you in check? Amazon is selling a bracelet that will literally shock you into cleaning up your diet. The Mirror has the story here.
  • Every parent knows that kids can be finicky eaters. Getting them to eat airplane food can be even tougher. That is unless you’re on a long-haul European flight. Lufthansa tapped two-star Michelin Chef Alexander Herrmann to create an elite kids menu. Here’s the report from their newsroom.
  • You’re out of luck if you were looking to enjoy a lobster corndog from Graham Elliot while enjoying Ariana Grande and Childish Gambino at this year’s Lollapalooza. Timeout has the story.


Kelly Tippett /

Are you a Sour Patch Kids connoisseur who is constantly picking out one color over another? No longer will you have to choose, according to Insider. Now you can get bags of all red or all blue.


“Chef K” — rocking a Springfield Chef Coat — mixes up some pink grilled cheese sandwiches at Khloe Kardashian’s birthday party. Photo via Instagram.

So Khloe Kardashian recently had a birthday party. It was themed “all-pink” and, among the dozens of tasty treats, were pink grilled cheese sandwiches. The Chef Works team wishes her a healthy and happy 35th. And we’re thrilled that her personal chefs are fans of Chef Works.

You can read more about the party in People.

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Quote answer: Oscar Wilde

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