Chef Works® Weekly Bites:
Week 9

Welcome to Week 9 of 2019! Chef Works® Weekly Bites is where we take a dive into the notable and fun food stories of the week.

First up is guess the quote: “Beware the hobby that eats.” (Do you know who said it? Answer at the bottom).


As far as branding goes, it’s a rough time to be Corona beer. It seems that the name is just too close to the COVID-19 coronavirus. And that’s having an impact on American perception.

Here’s a blurb from CNN:

5W Public Relations said that 38% of Americans wouldn’t buy Corona “under any circumstances” because of the outbreak, and another 14% said they wouldn’t order a Corona in public. The survey encompasses polling from 737 beer drinkers in the United States.

You can read the full story here.



Anyone else like to do breakfast for dinner? The Chef Works® blog is a big fan of cooking up pancakes after dark for the family.

But in the breakfast mashup we never knew we needed, Cap’n Crunch and Aunt Jemima are teaming up on a syrup to go with its Berrytastic Pancake Mix. Delish has the info here. It’s certainly sweet enough for dessert – regardless of when you do your breakfast.


If you’ve been following along with Chef Works® blog over the last week and a half, you might have noticed some pretty big news. First, we acquired Bragard.

Then, earlier this week, we launched our 2020 collection.

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Are you ready to dive in to our new gear! There’s an entirely new, hospitality-focused line called the Contemporary Collection, along with additions to our super-popular Urban Collection™.

Let’s start with the Contemporary Collection, and our high-end Volante aprons.

The Volante Apron is perfect for servers and bartenders at high-end restaurants or hotel/casino banquet halls. Sleek and durable, you get upmarket fabrics with useful and efficient details.

You can get it in a Bistro or V-Neck option.

Quote answer: Benjamin Franklin

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