Chew On This: Week 15

Welcome to Week 15! Big plans this weekend? If your docket calls for keeping it mellow and watching a little Netflix, read on!  Because this week we’ve got yummy recipes, tasty cocktails and the best streaming food shows that are at your fingertips right now.

But first up, we recap what some of the hottest recipes were for March. The folks at bon appétit give us a nice breakdown of their most popular recipes from last month, including these roasted sweet potatoes with Miso-Tahini Sauce. Yum!

Regardless of what streaming service you use, there’s a food show for you. And if you have multiple services, then you might not get off the couch all weekend. Eater has the breakdown here of what’s streaming this month.

And what, exactly, will you be sipping on while you’re streaming all of these shows? Food & Wine has a suggestion for the ultimate nightcap.

And finally we’ve got a little international news to get you through to the weekend. André Chiang, renowned international chef, announced he’s opening two new Asian restaurants. has the skinny here.

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