Chew On This: Week 26

Welcome to Week 26! We’re officially halfway through 2018! (Seriously, I counted … 26 weeks from now it will be Dec. 26, the last Wednesday of the year). And that means it’s summer, which includes summer movies and summer food.

So this week we’re bringing you a Pixar recipe, Amtrak’s new travel perks and a couple of controversial burger stories. Enjoy the links!

Pixar Photo

Have you seen Incredibles 2 yet? If you have, you’ll know that Jack-Jack versus the raccoon was pure hilarity. That also means you saw the Pixar short film that ran right before the start of the movie, Bao.  We won’t give away the plot to either the main feature or the short film. We’ll just say that Eater has the featured dumpling recipe. We’re guessing it won’t come to life if you follow it. But you never know.

Amtrak Photo

Amtrak is trying to appeal to a younger demographic and lure a new generation of travelers their way with boutique services and upgraded food options. These meal options, including gluten-free and vegetarian options, will debut soon on their Northeast routes. Forbes has the story here.

Burgatory Photo

A rose by any other name … There’s a debate raging in the beef industry right now about what to call lab-grown meat that doesn’t involve animals. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association takes exception to the verbiage “clean meat,” because the implication is that anything that isn’t clean is dirty. The Associated Press has the story here.

Cayce Clifford Photo / Bloomberg

Speaking of the future of burgers … Westworld is closer than we think! The hosts are making burgers now. OK, they aren’t exactly hosts. But Bloomberg is reporting the first fully-automated burger maker will come to life this week in San Francisco at the robotics company Creator. Skynet becoming self-aware can’t be too far off.

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