Chew On This: Week 32

Welcome to Week 32. If you’re Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal (the Miami version), Karl Malone or Sandy Koufax, this is your week!

Today we’ve got the argument against automated technology, an overnight stay in one of LA’s most famous restaurants, plant-based “skin,” and other news from the restaurant industry.

To the links!

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Troy Johnson, Food Network judge and restaurant critic for San Diego Magazine, drops a little Et tu, Brute? on us in this opinion piece on why robotic bartenders are bad for humanity. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, it’s worth your time.

Some of the best industry stories aren’t necessarily about chefs or food. Sometimes it’s the stories of the restaurants themselves that house those chefs that are compelling. The Los Angeles Times has this really fun read about The Pacific Dining Car restaurant … the 24-hour shop that has lobster mac and cheese one shift and blueberry pancakes the next.

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In restaurant news, James Beard Award winner Sean Brock is ending his 12-year partnership with Neighborhood Dining Group. Food & Wine has the story here about Chef Brock pursuing his own restaurant concepts in Nashville, Tenn.

File this last story in the “Science is Awesome “category. According to Food Navigator, Apeel Sciences has raised more than $70 million to continue research on its plant-based invisible skin for fruits and vegetables. The skin creates an “idealized little microclimate” helping fruits and vegetables stay fresh for longer periods of time.


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