Chew On This: Week 39

Welcome to Week 39! Also, we’d like to extend a very happy birthday to the late Jack Benny, who no doubt is still proclaiming that he’s 39. Fun fact of the week: there are 39 floorboards in a standard bowling lane.

This week we’re bringing you, ice cream, royal favorites, how to save organic farming and what the future of food might look like.

To the links!

It’s dense, crunchy and great when warmed up with a little honey. But did you know Grape-Nuts is also a cult favorite ice cream flavor? We didn’t know either. Eater has a look at how it all came about.

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Let’s shift from sweet to savory. Ever wonder what her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, loves to eat on a regular basis? The royal chef dished in a new documentary. She’s a fan of Caribbean meals – particularly callaloo. The Express has the story here.

Courtesy Photo Vilicus Farms

Without farms, farm-to-table would be tough to pull off. Farms are the lifeblood of the food industry. Civil Eats takes a look at a socially-conscious investment firm that’s keeping organic farmers in business.

We don’t want to scare you (too much) but food technology is changing. And how consumers taste, track and digest food will soon be sensor-driven. Food Dive looks at some of the technologies on the horizon. And some that are already here.

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