Chew On This: Week 46

Welcome to Week 46!

Cole Trickle fans, this one is for you! Also, here’s a reminder to keep an eye out for some upcoming Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales from Chef Works!

This week we’re bringing you yet another pop-up food museum, a special recipe from Snoop Dogg, a fruit that grounded an entire airplane and a beautiful story about a community rallying around a local doughnut shop.

To the links!

Bebeto Matthews / Associated Press

Last week we brought you the tummy-tumbling Disgusting Food Museum in Sweden. Pretty gnarly. We’ll make it up to you this week with a New York pop-up museum that’s dedicated to the ooey-gooey goodness that is pizza. Here’s the story from the Associated Press.

Brandon Bales Photo

Need some turkey recipes this Thanksgiving? Sure, you could go with a recipe from heralded chef Jaime Oliver. Or maybe you want something from Snoop D-oh-Double-G. Snoop Dogg recently released a cook book, “From Crook to Cook”, and Delish put his turkey recipe to the test against Oliver’s.

Sometimes, food stinks. Literally. And sometimes that smell is so bad it can ground an airplane. That was the case recently in Indonesia when passengers refused to fly on a plane carrying the notoriously foul-smelling durian fruit. Food & Wine has the story. Do you use durian fruit? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

NBC Los Angeles Photo

We leave you this week with a heart-warming story about how a Southern California community is helping out a local doughnut shop owner. Customers are selling out his shop every day so he can spend more time with his ailing wife. Here’s the story from NBC.

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