Dress to Impress | Anatomy of a Chef’s Uniform

As traditions go, it doesn’t get more conventional than the chef’s uniform. Every button, tie, and pocket has a storied history, dating back to the mid-19th century. Noting class, status and kitchen rank, a chef’s uniform was as important as the food served at the time, and these rigorous standards have been hard to break over the last two hundred years.  Only in the last decade or so have chefs begun to push the envelope, and as retailers have produced more fashion-forward, urban-inspired looks, chefs the world over have been able to express their personality while matching their unique restaurant esthetics.

But what does it really all mean? From the 100-fold top hat to those oversized checkered pants, we’re breaking down each thread, from the hem to the collar in our latest infographic – Anatomy of a Chef’s Uniform!

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