Fodder for Thought | Week 25

While you’re busy running service, we’re scouring the Internet in search of the latest and greatest stories to hit the airwaves. This week, Eater tracks the decline of mid-level restaurant chains, Food Republic covers the best things you’ll learn in Restaurant School, and Bon Appetit explores Puerto Rican cuisine post-Maria.

Bon Appetit | What Will Puerto Rican Food Look Like After Hurricane Maria?
Before Hurricane Maria made landfall, tropical island Puerto Rico was experiencing an organic farm-to-table movement, with land cultivation up 50% in the past four years. September’s storm washed away 80% of its crop value, much of the farm movement’s momentum. Restaurants have closed, and chefs are focused on recovery efforts, meaning the future of Puerto Rico’s culinary movement will be decided by the nation that emergences from this devastating storm.

Eater | Applebee’s Deserves to Die
What do millennials want? That’s the million dollar questions, and what Eater seeks to answer through their “End of Flair” series. What they found is that cookie-cutter restaurants in suburbia are simply not cutting it. American food culture is all about fads, and those chains like Applebee’s are being left behind. So what should mid-chains do to combat the change in dining climates? Adapt, or risk being lost forever.

Food Republic | 10 Things You Learn In Restaurant School
While the benefits of culinary school have been well documented, there hasn’t been much discussion on Restaurant Management programs, and how these programs prepare pros for the rigors of the hospitality industry. Food Republic’s editor recently completed his management degree, and lists 10 takeaways anyone who’s considering school can learn. From learning to fail to staffing a restaurant, check out his list of all things they’ll teach you in restaurant school.

Tasting Table | How many chefs do you know that have added a garnish or a special plate simply for the Instagram
How many chefs do you know that have added a garnish or a special plate simply for the Instagram snap? The allure of social media is strong, and has catapulted restaurants to fame and fortune. Schools have taken note too: The Culinary Institute of America will begin a new course this spring, offering food photography and styling to help its students create more hashtag-worthy dishes.

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