Fodder for Thought: Week 30

While you’re busy running service, we’re scouring the Internet in search of the latest and greatest stories to hit the airwaves. This week, Esquire explores the world of Michelin food inspectors, Bon Appetit joins the call line at Butterball Turkey, and FSR Magazine introduces Kimbal Musk as a rising star in fast-casual dining.


FSR Magazine | The Man Who Will Disrupt Casual Dining

Kimbal Musk’s Next Door American Eatery seeks to reinvent fast-casual with fine food and a polished atmosphere, and has been drawing crowds (and record sales) since it opened in 2004. Read the full feature for what’s next for this hot-shot chef, and what his plans mean for the United States of Culinary Culture.


Food & Wine | Eataly L.A. Opening Was So Insanely Popular It Closed for a Day to ‘Reassess’

Not that anyone was too surprised, but apparently, Eataly L.A. was so popular that it actually had to close for a whole day to recharge. The Hollywood Reporter, who covered the opening, called opening day “a madhouse,” with three-hour lines that stretched over 1,000 people long. Check out Food & Wine recap of the chaos, as well as their video sneak peek with Mario himself.


Esquire | What It Takes to Be a Michelin Food Inspector

Culinary jobs are pretty cool in their own right, but this career just might come with some of the coolest perks we’ve ever seen. Esquire looks into the rockstar life of a Michelin food inspector, and how these critics all over the world dictate the best restaurants across the globe. From eating out 10 times a week, to researching new openings and dealing with ego-driven chefs, being a Michelin food inspector is a fulltime gig, one that comes with a tasty reward.


Bon Appetit | The Operators Standing by to Save Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Half home cook experts/half customer service representatives, dozens of Thanksgiving operators are getting ready to pick up the phone over the holiday season, ready to help out those who find themselves under-stuffed and over-whelmed with dinner preparations. Butterball Turkey, one of the largest suppliers of turkeys to the United States, will answer nearly four million calls through December 31st, talking home chefs through such quandaries as how to microwave their bird, elevation roasting techniques, and how to achieve that perfect caramel-brown glaze.

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