How we are keeping things COOL at Chef Works

We didn’t invent cool. But we know how to vent it.

As summer comes piping through the kitchen, consider the line of Cool Vent™ products from Chef Works, the global leader in culinary and hospitality apparel. With a passion for fashion and an eye for function, Chef Works has always been at the vanguard of what’s hot. Or in this case, what can cool you down when things get too hot.

Seven years ago, Chef Works went to market with its Cool Vent™ technology, becoming the first major culinary and hospitality apparel provider to bring a line of high-end, lightweight fabrics that were chef tested and chef approved.

“We spent a long time developing the right fabric,” said Chef Works’ Sr. Product Manager Jeanine Patz. “We tested a lot of different types until we found the one that was just right. It keeps you nice and cool and the chefs and kitchen staff love it.”

Taking things a step further, the product development team eventually started adding Cool Vent™ stretch paneling at strategic locations on the apparel and incorporating moisture-wicking fabrics to create an all-cooling garment that could provide maximum comfort and flexibility while standing up to some of the hottest conditions.

But what good is a lightweight garment if it just falls apart in your washing machine, let alone an industrial washer? Cool Vent™ garments were tested over and over again to make sure they were going to hold up to the rigors of what happens after service as well as during. And because they are light, they require less water and are more environmentally friendly.

“We didn’t want to rush a product to the market that wasn’t ready,” Patz explained. “We did our due diligence and testing to make sure it was going to be exactly what the chefs wanted.”

When we launched our Urban Collection™ of edgy and fashion-forward apparel, we elevated the standard for the industry even higher by incorporating Cool Vent™ technology into pants and chef coats.

Year after year, chefs tell our staff how much they love their Cool Vent™ gear.

“It’s one of the most popular discussion points when we’re at Food & Wine festivals,” said Amanda Stuckey, vice president of marketing for Chef Works. “Chefs and servers love that there is a line of cooling apparel that was developed just for them.”

Cool Vent™ fabrics are available in a wide range of garments, including chef coats, shirts, pants and hats. Start exploring how Cool Vent™ can keep you cool.

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