Marc Batten is plotting the course for Chef Works

When something is “in your blood,” it’s tough to deny your true nature. And sales is in the blood of Marc Batten, the vice president of sales for Chef Works. It’s Batten’s job to help plot the course for the company. He joined Chef Works in 2016, bringing with him an impressive resume. He took some time to chat with the Chef Works blog about his role with the company, his vision for the future and the things that motivate him.

Your background is impressive; Reebok, EMI Music, Microsoft, Westfield, among others.  How does that experience help you in your role with Chef Works?

Marc Batten: Sales is in my blood. I love being in front of the customer. I love matching the customer’s needs to what I’m selling. I have worked for brands. Chef Works is a brand. The power of the brand has allowed me to get to where I am. I’ve moved industries several times. None of them are linked. But what is common is that each one is a brand. The power of the brand is what drives me because there is are powerful products to sell. It opens doors. You say Chef Works, it opens doors. I’ve always been attracted by the power of the brand and I’m fortunate that I’ve caught brands at the right time. I believe in Chef Works.

When did you first catch the “sales bug?”

MB: After college I joined the family business in the steel industry. I was working in finance and I couldn’t stand it. I looked at the sales guys and they dressed fancy and they drove nice cars. I thought that is exactly what I want to be. I started as a field rep and the instant gratification was fantastic.  I started doing sales and two days in I made my first sale. That instant gratification was fantastic. Once I presented an offer and I received the instant gratification of shaking hands and receiving the order, I knew that the sales bug had bit me.

What do you see for the company in the next five years?

MB: At the moment it’s a 3-year plan. When I got here it was about taking this brand and finding new business opportunities. We’ve found them. Now we have to grow them. The vision for the next three years is to solidify what we’ve got. It’s about implementation. It’s about remaining humble and close to our roots and never forgetting that the customer is king. We have to do everything we can to service our customers. Great products, great service and remaining humble.

Your work has taken you around the world. Do you have a favorite spot?

MB: My favorite place in the world is Istanbul. It’s the craziest place in the world. You walk through the streets during the day and it’s very quiet. Then 10 p.m. hits and the shutters open and bars and restaurants pop up and it goes nuts until 3 or 4 in the morning. I love the food, I love the people, I love the atmosphere. Everyone there just lives.

What’s something you want our readers to know about you?

MB: I love to be around people. I’m a very social person. That’s just my personality. I’m sports crazy. My bucket list is sporting events. I want to go to The Masters and World Cup Finals. I am a diehard Liverpool fan.

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