Chew On This: Week 44

Welcome to Week 44, the final palindromic number of the year. If you buy into numerology, then you’ll know that the No. 44 is all about business. So we might as well get right down to it. This week we’re bringing you candy, costumes, word origins and an obituary/tribute to someone you probably love andFIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 43

Welcome to Week 43! The number 43 isn’t particularly exciting unless you’re a Richard Petty fan. So we’ll give you another number: There are officially 62 days until Christmas … which means 61 shopping days. Keep your eyes on Chef Works for some serious cyber savings next month! This week we’re bringing you holiday flavors,FIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 42

Welcome to Week 42! There are so many cool things about the number 42 that diving into them could consume this entire blog post. Instead, we’ll just say that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, everything. This week we’re bringing you food that’s good for the environment, food that’s good for your health,FIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 41

Welcome to Week 41. Put on a little Mozart (Symphony No. 41, of course) and tip a cold one to Sir Roger Bannister, who was wearing No. 41 when he broke the 4-minute mile barrier in 1954. This week we’re bringing you a month-long celebration for The Mouse, the future of robotic farming, the on-goingFIND OUT MORE |