Chew On This: Week 35

Welcome to Week 35! As you know, each week the Chef Works blog researches the week number and tries to give you a fun fact or two about that number. Turns out the number 35 is really, really boring — unless you’re a big fan of Bromine. And if that’s the case, you’re welcome. ThisFIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 34

Welcome to Week 34. Extra credit if you know what that number has to do with Alexandre Dumas and Edmond Dantès. Hint … there’s a sandwich named after it. That’s all you’re going to get. This week we’re bringing you female farmers on the rise in Georgia, a mathematical breakthrough in Massachusetts, thievery in NewFIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 33

Welcome to Week 33. For all of the Disney insiders, this is your week. Also, this is a big week for Rolling Rock drinkers, who have long debated the meaning of “33” on the labels. The origins of the “33” have taken on lore-like status. Not even Snopes has the answer. If you crack itFIND OUT MORE |