Chew On This: Week 17

Welcome to Week 17! Did you know there are; 17 syllables in; a haiku? Really! This week we’ve got a heart-warming story that is worth your time, burger tricks, smokeless grills and the real heroes of the kitchen. To the links! Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they wear chef coats. Meet Chef Tracey Burg,FIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 16

Welcome to Week (Sweet!) 16. We’re bringing positive restaurant news and sweet treats to you this week. And remember … only 25 more shopping days until Mother’s Day! Don’t say we didn’t give you a long enough head’s up. To this week’s links! Peden & Munk Photo Maybe mom wants some roasted strawberry trifles withFIND OUT MORE |

Chef Works launches showroom in Taiwan

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re in the United States. But did you know that Chef Works is international with distribution in more than 70 countries? The company recently took a big step overseas by launching the first brick-and-mortar concept showroom in Taiwan that’s solely dedicated to culinary apparel. “The trend for contemporary,FIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 15

Welcome to Week 15! Big plans this weekend? If your docket calls for keeping it mellow and watching a little Netflix, read on!  Because this week we’ve got yummy recipes, tasty cocktails and the best streaming food shows that are at your fingertips right now. But first up, we recap what some of the hottestFIND OUT MORE |

April Apron Ace(s)

The Cardinal Chef Club at Middleton High School (Middleton, Wis.) has been serving up deliciousness for more than 20 years. The club is an offshoot of the school’s Pro Start class, where students do catering jobs around the school district. They prepare meals for the staff on Parent-Teacher Conference Night, cookies for the National HonorFIND OUT MORE |