Will you zip into style in 2019?

Trends in culinary fashion can come and go as quickly as the trends that are presented on plates. One week’s turmeric is another week’s oat milk.

But one trend that never goes out of style is comfort. And when the shift is done, all that matters is that the chef has the coat that they like.

Picking the right chef coat is a very personal decision. That’s why Chef Works offers a diverse range of styles, colors and designs so chefs can find the fit that speaks to them, but also offers the efficiency and versatility they crave in the kitchen.

One movement that started to emerge several years ago was the desire for chef coats with zippers. Through field research and conversations with industry leaders, the Chef Works product development team got ahead of the trend with several offerings that help chefs zip up and get to work!

“We offer something for everyone,” said Jeanine Patz, senior product manager for Chef Works. “We know that picking a coat means something to the chef and wanted to have every option available to them. Many like zippers because it’s easy to get on and off and they like the efficiency of it. So we set out to make the best zipper coats possible.”

Some of the popular Chef Works coats with zipper closure include:

Looking through the list, you’ll find a variety of colors, sleeve lengths and styles with classic notes and edgy details.

“The most important thing we can offer is variety,” said Claudia Rico, product manager at Chef Works. “When a chef comes to shop with Chef Works, we don’t them thinking we don’t have something. If they want a double-breasted, Urban chef coat with long sleeves and zippers, we’ve got that. If they won’t short sleeve and single-breasted, we’ve got that too.”

What will your look be in 2019? Browse our extensive coat selection and find your perfect style!

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