The Anatomy of a Successful Restaurant [Infographic]

Whether you’re an experienced chef or a wannabe restauranteur, it’s important to know the factors that can make or break a new eatery.  Unfortunately, the statistics can be grim.  According to research we’ve compiled, 26.16% of all independent restaurants fail during their first year of operation, 45.39% fail by the second year and a full 59.74% fail by the end of their third year.

So what is it that sets apart the nation’s top restaurants from their failed competitors?  In our new infographic – “The Anatomy of a Successful Restaurant” – we’ll cover examples of companies that are doing dining well, as well as the key characteristics that differentiate them from under-performing eateries.  Read on for more information!

(Click the infographic to see a larger image!) 

anatomy-of-a-successful-restaurant-infographic-s (1)

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