May Chef of Chef Works: Gaby Lubaba

  Dubbed a “rising star” by the Mercury News, Chef Gaby Lubaba has been attracting visitors to her small-town bakery from across the Bay Area. Technically precise, yet filled with heart, everything that comes from East Bay Bakery is mind-blowingly delicious. Chef Works had the opportunity to speak to Gaby about her unique journey fromFIND OUT MORE |

How do chefs look for jobs

  “Too many cooks in the kitchen” is a phrase we’re all familiar with, but have you ever wondered how cooks get into the kitchen to begin with? If you’re curious about how to land a job as a chef, this guide is for you! Whether you’re an aspiring chef, an experienced chef, or aFIND OUT MORE |

How do chefs and line cooks beat the heat?

  If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. For chefs and line cooks, that’s more than just a saying — it’s literal. Temperatures in the kitchen often exceed 100 degrees in the summer, with hot pans and simmering liquids all adding to a sweltering environment. And while chefs love the figurativeFIND OUT MORE |

April Chef of Chef Works: Jay Ziobrowski

Ever wondered what culinary paths exist outside of the restaurant? Chef Jay Ziobrowski, also known as “Chef Jay Z,” is one of Morrison Healthcare’s corporate R&D chefs. Those concepts you see at a Morrison-run hospital café, whether it be a grill concept or a chicken salad concept — Chef Jay Z and his team areFIND OUT MORE |