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The holiday season provides lots of opportunity for “thumb skimming,” liking and sharing. The social media team at Chef Works has scoured the furthest corners of the internet and its social channels to find the best follows in the culinary, restaurant and hospitality industries. We recently brought you some of our favorite accounts to followFIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 50

Welcome to Week, gasp, 50! It’s the golden week of 2018 and we’re officially inside two weeks until Christmas. Shopping fever has no doubt heated up for those who wait to the last minute. That’s why we’re bringing you food tips and tricks for the holidays. This week we’ve got delicious dessert recipes, buffets, giftFIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 49

Welcome to Week 49! We hope Week 49 is perfect for you, just as it was for Rocky Marciano. This week we’re bringing you big news from Dominique Crenn, the rising cost of lettuce, a new Christmas latte from Starbucks and some delicious Hanukkah dessert ideas. To the links! Chef Works Photo First up, we’reFIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 48

Welcome to Week 48! Christmas is officially 27 days away! If you didn’t splurge on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ve still got 26 shopping days left. So worry not. Speaking of which, this week we’re bringing you some fun advent calendar ideas, a scotch collection for the ultimate GOT fan, why bars are goingFIND OUT MORE |