Happy Mother’s Day

At Chef Works, we love, love, love our moms! Our mothers and grandmothers were our first fans, supporters and givers of love, kindness and guidance. For many chefs, their relationship with food and cooking was first introduced and nurtured by their mother or their grandmother or a combination of both. The paternal bond that isFIND OUT MORE |

New Perspectives with Chef Logan Guleff

Being dubbed a culinary prodigy — or any prodigy, for that matter — can be a fairly daunting expectation to live up to. But for Chef Logan Guleff, it’s just another day. He was 12 when he won “MasterChef Junior” in 2014, kicking off a career that includes cookbooks, television competitions and entrepreneurship. Since then,FIND OUT MORE |

Perspectives with Chef Allison Fasano

Chef Allison Fasano doesn’t like sitting still and waiting for things to happen. Maybe that’s her born-and-bred New Yorker approach to life. Maybe it’s the pedigree she developed coming up in some of the best restaurants in one of the nation’s food capitals. As evidence by her having 15 minutes to spare — in herFIND OUT MORE |