Chef Works & Arbella Fashion Ltd. Celebrate the Opening of Newest LEED-Certified Factory


In September 2022, Chef Works unveiled our brand new factory in Sreepur, Bangladesh.

In attendance at the opening ceremony were Managing Director of Arbella Fashion LTD, Ziaul Hasan; CEO of Chef Works, Neil Gross; President of Chef Works, Joshua Gross; Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Operations, Enrique Perez; Managing Director of Arbella Fashion LTD,

Traditional rickshaw and driver at the opening ceremonies gala.

Arif Islam, Chief of the Economic Unit at the United States Embassy, Joseph Giblin; and Sreepur Bangladesh Parliament, Mohammad Iqbal Hossain. It was a celebration in honor of the deeply-rooted culture of Bangladesh, the community that exists, and the community we’re knitting together.


This state-of-the-art factory is 100% solely focused on producing Chef Works apparel and features several of the highest credentials in safety and social compliance, as well as a fully LEED-certified. This is so important to us at Chef Works, because we believe in responsible manufacturing — whether at home or around the world.


Members of the Arbella Fashion team wait to greet Chef Works guests at the grand opening.

Because Chef Works is a family-owned and operated business, we believe in creating meaningful relationships with every person on our team, including those living internationally. Our core values are innovation, sustainability and the dignity of labor, which is woven into the fabric of our company. Arbella Fashion Ltd. shares this ethos.

In addition to the factory, Chef Works launched a vibrant community center near the factory that will serve as a hub for local team members, their families, and loved ones. Arbella employees will be able to access four key services: medical and mental health resources, including full-time medical staff; childcare; creative, educational, and cultural programs; and, social activities. Our goal in this knitting kinship is to provide a thriving, inclusive, and safe environment for all, where people can spend quality time together to cultivate a fulfilling and meaningful experience.


Chef Works President, Joshua Gross being presented a traditional Lei.

The world has changed, yet Chef Works has stayed focused on innovation and community. We’re doing more than producing a line of apparel. Since 1960, we’ve approached the culinary apparel industry differently. With every coat, apron, or product with our emblem, we partner with chefs to celebrate milestones within a career, build a brand identity, and offer that extra boost of confidence to start a shift.
Our caring ethos can be found in every stitch we weave, each partner we collaborate with, and the impact we endeavor to make within the culinary and hospitality industry. Our new facility in Bangladesh is no exception.

We celebrate all aspects of the culinary and hospitality industry as we weave a memorable legacy together.


Huge thanks to the amazing people who joined us for the opening and celebrated with traditional cultural festivities:


Mr. Ziaul Hasan, Managing Director of Arbella Fashion Ltd.

Mr. Joshua Gross, President of Chef Works

Mr. Enrique Perez, Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Operations

Mr. Arif Islam, Managing Director of Arbella Fashion Ltd.

Mr. Joseph Giblin, Chief of the Economic Unit at the United States Embassy

Mr. Neil Gross, CEO of Chef Works

Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Hossain, Sreepur Bangladesh Parliament

Mrs. Emma Ullmann, Marketing Director of Chef Works Europe

Mr. Anthony Stiefel, Regional Director of Chef Works Singapore

Mr. Roger Peiro, Sales Director of Chef Works Spain

Mr. Guy Boeuf, President of Bragard

Mrs. Alice-Laure Brondani, General Secretary of Bragard

Mrs. Jeanine Patz, Global Product Designer of Chef Works

Mr. Aaron Brown, Marketing Director of Chef Works

Mrs. Ali Chau, Senior Sourcing Specialist of Chef Works International

Mr. Abhijeet Bhaskarao Rajeshirke, CEO, Arbella Fashion Ltd.


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