Culinary Dreams Turn to Reality with Infinity Culinary Training

Discover the inspirational tale of culinary ambition and social impact in Cape Town, as Infinity Culinary Training (ICT) works tirelessly to bring hope and skills to those most in need in South Africa. Co-founded by visionaries Barry Berman and Spencer Moyana, ICT has become a beacon of hope for individuals striving to rise above the poverty line.


From a serendipitous discussion to a mission-driven culinary school, ICT has pioneered a 12-week comprehensive program that combines essential life skills with culinary expertise. Designed to empower students with the confidence and resilience needed for success in the hospitality industry, Chef Works takes pride in outfitting these future culinary stars with professional uniforms to boost their professional identities.

An Intimate Glance at Infinity Culinary Training’s Journey

Barry Berman went from being a successful Hollywood screenwriter with hits such as Benny & June, featuring a young Jonny Depp, to a self-taught cook in Los Angeles. The co-founding of ICT is a narrative of passion and transformation. “Starting with just 11 individuals from the streets, we’ve witnessed a profound metamorphosis,” he recounts, emphasizing the shift from uncertainty to confidence. ICT’s walls, adorned with graduates’ photographs, inspire current students to envision their future success.


With over 678 graduates and counting, the institution stands as a symbol of opportunity. Each graduation reflects the dedication and perseverance endemic to ICT’s culture.


Fostering Culinary Excellence and Shaping Future Careers

ICT’s transformative environment proves that underprivileged backgrounds do not define one’s future. Barry remarks on the tangible joy and effort present in every class, underscoring the essence of ICT’s mission.


Chef Works celebrates the role they play in this culinary narrative, aligning with their ethos of empowerment and elevation within the culinary sector. Each uniform they provide is more than attire; it’s a symbol of the journey from struggle to success each student undergoes.


The ongoing support from Chef Works to ICT not only enhances culinary skills but also changes lives, as seen in the diverse kitchens from high-end hotels to local community cafes. These graduates are living proof that with the right mix of passion and opportunity, dreams can indeed become reality.”


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