New Perspectives with Chef Logan Guleff

Being dubbed a culinary prodigy — or any prodigy, for that matter — can be a fairly daunting expectation to live up to.

But for Chef Logan Guleff, it’s just another day.

He was 12 when he won “MasterChef Junior” in 2014, kicking off a career that includes cookbooks, television competitions and entrepreneurship. Since then, he’s done a TED Talk, won multiple cooking competitions and in 2016, Time Magazine named him one of their most influential teens.

Guleff, now 18, joined Perspectives to give his take on the state of the world and culinary. But it’s through the eyes of someone just starting their adult life and where he sees the industry trending in the next decade. (Spoiler alert – Gen Z is all about Sustainability!)

“Where is my generation looking for food?” Guleff asked. “What do Gen Z’ers want? I see a lot of sustainability. Sustainability, sustainability, sustainability … And with good reason. I see it as a massive food trend and a driving force in the industry right now.”
He also talks about the expectations he faced in his formative years and always trying to better himself.

“One of the things I always think about is how can I get the best flavors, the best presentation … creativity does not come from ‘the cloud.’ Your best creativity comes in a box and you grow out of that box.”

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