Perspectives: Chef Mike Haracz

Chef Mike Haracz can’t, nor wants to be, defined by a singular brand. Frankly, he’s a bit all over the place – and he’s totally fine with that.

Formerly a corporate chef with McDonald’s, the Chicago-based Haracz is a mix between Midwest charm and a self-proclaimed nerd. He’s Dungeons & Dragons meets elevated Dungeness crab. His personality sits at the crossroads where the social media culinary world meets pop culture.

If you follow him on Twitter, you’re just as likely to find him dropping a recipe as much as a gif from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s this intersection – among other topics – that gets discussed on the latest episode of Perspectives, which is up now on the Chef Works YouTube Channel.

“The type of content and I engage I and share with me on social media, you’re more than likely getting a response and it’s going to be somewhat PG-rated and approachable,” said Haracz, while talking about developing his brand. “… Because I worked at McDonalds, I started to getting a little bit of a social media following. But in my real life my hobbies are video games, nerdy movies, Dungeons and Dragons, table-top RPGs. I inherently talk about that a lot on social media.”

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