Chew On This: Week 37

Welcome to Week 37. Shout out this week to The Bard – William Shakespeare – who is believed to have written 37 plays – which includes breaking Henry IV into three parts. And hopefully you’re maintaining a steady body temperature of 37-degrees … Celsius. This week we’re bringing you a company’s plan to battle menuFIND OUT MORE |

Sept. Apron Ace: Wendy Islas

Each month we feature an Apron Ace. If you love your Chef Works apron and wear it outside of the traditional kitchen setting – makeup artist, potter, florist, barista – we want to know! To be featured, email Pictured above is our September Apron Ace, Wendy Islas, photographed by Chef Works in San DiegoFIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 36

Welcome to Week 36. If you’re Superman, this isn’t a great week for you. Also, if you’ve ever read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, I highly recommend the Thirty-Six Stratagems. Some are a little extreme. But others are excellent for conflict resolution and strategy. This week we’re bringing you potential rebranding from a majorFIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 35

Welcome to Week 35! As you know, each week the Chef Works blog researches the week number and tries to give you a fun fact or two about that number. Turns out the number 35 is really, really boring — unless you’re a big fan of Bromine. And if that’s the case, you’re welcome. ThisFIND OUT MORE |