Perspectives with Chef Allison Fasano

Chef Allison Fasano doesn’t like sitting still and waiting for things to happen. Maybe that’s her born-and-bred New Yorker approach to life. Maybe it’s the pedigree she developed coming up in some of the best restaurants in one of the nation’s food capitals.

As evidence by her having 15 minutes to spare — in her CAR — to do an interview with Perspectives, it’s clear that Fasano isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

A former Chef of Chef Works, Fasano joined us to talk about a number of topics — including women in the industry and the work she did last year when the COVID-19 pandemic was ground zero in New York.

“I was very lucky to keep my apron on and work,” Fasano said. “… We were able to give back. We worked seven days and did breakfast lunch and dinner.”

She also talks about being a competitive television chef — having appeared on numerous shows like “Chopped,” “Beat Bobby Flay” and “Supermarket Stakeout” (which she won).

She also chats about what it was like to be Bobby Flay’s sous chef at the famed Gato. And even though she wants to carve out her own name, she still prides herself on the title and respects the path she took to get to where she is.

“For me, it was important, but I’m also one of those people who never forget where I come from,” Fasano said. “It’s kind of like my Brooklyn accent. No matter where I go, I can’t hide from it. It was an honor to be Bobby Flay’s sous chef and work for him.”

A New Yorker through and through, she also commiserates the Buffalo Bills’ playoff loss.

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