Chew On This: Week 26

Welcome to Week 26! We’re officially halfway through 2018! (Seriously, I counted … 26 weeks from now it will be Dec. 26, the last Wednesday of the year). And that means it’s summer, which includes summer movies and summer food. So this week we’re bringing you a Pixar recipe, Amtrak’s new travel perks and aFIND OUT MORE |

June Five-Star Service:
Andre Bignes

Chef Works will be spotlighting someone in waitstaff each month through November as part of our “Five-Star Service” blog feature. In December, we’ll ask our blog’s readership to vote who has the “best story.” We’ll dress the winning restaurant with Chef Works gear! Pictured above is Andre Bignes in his wide half bistro apron and GinghamFIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 25

Welcome to Week 25, aka the silver anniversary of the year 2018. We’re not quite halfway through the year, but tomorrow is officially the first day of summer so that’s a cause for celebration! This week we’re bringing you burger branding, the Gabrielle Hamilton move that has the industry buzzing (and not always for theFIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 24

Welcome to …. bup…. beep… bup… beep…. 24! Well, Week 24 that is. This week’s links aren’t as heart-pounding  as spending an hour with Jack Bauer. But they are still worth a few minutes out of your day. We’re bringing you diversity food, emoji madness, a tribute to Anthony Bourdain and … wait for itFIND OUT MORE |

June Apron Ace: Lionel Lowery

If you love your Chef Works apron, use it outside of the traditional kitchen setting (makeup artist, potter, florist, baker, etc.) and would like to be an Apron Ace, email Remember Willy Wonka’s backstory? His father was a dentist, wanted his son to pursue the business, but was shattered when he instead became a chocolatier.FIND OUT MORE |

Chew On This: Week 23

Welcome to Week 23! Since the NBA Finals are going on and there’s been some hot debate about LeBron James or Michael Jordan being the best player ever, it seems appropriate that No. 23 comes up. I can’t speak for all of Chef Works, but the blog is #TeamJordan. Also, The Number 23 was aFIND OUT MORE |