The Next Thing on Your Drinks List

Have you ever heard of the saying, “if you try to please everybody, you please nobody?” The idea is that whatever you’re offering customers should target specific tastes, and experiences. After all, would you dilute your restaurant’s theme of North African cuisine by putting a plain white chicken breast and mashed potatoes on the menu,FIND OUT MORE |

The Language of Food

Language is a powerful tool we use to tell stories, elicit emotions, and taste the world around us. How we talk about food is almost as important as the food itself! We may feast with our eyes, but language guides how we taste. From restaurant names to menu writing, food critic reviews to tasting notes,FIND OUT MORE |

The No-Alcohol Renaissance

Whether you’re in the culinary industry or simply looking to be social, if you choose not to drink alcohol, there used to be only two choices you had: either skip out on the bar with your friends, or sit there with an overly sweet Shirley Temple or Coke while your friends sip on carefully curatedFIND OUT MORE |

Introducing Our Limited-Edition Aprons

At Chef Works, we design every single garment with style and functionality in mind. Whether you work front-of-house, back-of-house, behind an espresso bar, or in fine dining — our uniforms help you shine at your craft. Our brand-new aprons are no exception! This limited-edition capsule includes eight designer aprons that celebrate the creativity of theFIND OUT MORE |

[WEEKLY BITES] Beyond Fusion and Assimilation: Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month

This month, we’re celebrating and honoring AAPI (Asian-American and Pacific Islander) Heritage Month.  AAPI Heritage Month is all about celebrating the identities, contributions, and influences of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in America. That influence is deeply felt in the culinary industry, where Asian, Americanized Asian, and Asian-American foods have in many ways shaped theFIND OUT MORE |