Chef Works Remembers a Jam-Packed 2023

As we bid farewell to another year, let’s take a moment to relish in the highlights that so many individuals — both those who work within the company and those within the community whom Chef Works serves — have created throughout 2023.

From the latest culinary trends to chef spotlights and innovative kitchen apparel, Chef Works celebrates the meaningful connections and moments we’ve shared. Join us as we recap an exciting year in culinary apparel and craftsmanship.

Culinary Trends and Innovations

We kicked off the year by diving into the hottest culinary trends of 2023. From plant-based creations to globally-inspired dishes, our blog and YouTube channel kept food enthusiasts on the cutting edge of what’s cooking in the world of gastronomy. Chef Works delved into the innovative techniques and flavors embraced by chefs worldwide, providing readers with a front-row seat to the evolution of culinary arts.

Watch Always By Your Side on our YouTube channel, our love letter to the professionals that day-in and day-out find their way to the kitchen to create gastronomic delights, home-cooked comfort foods, and boundary-pushing flavor profiles. Other favorite series include RISE, which spotlights women in culinary, and Table 1807 Roundtables, featuring industry-leading conversations.

The Chef Works YouTube Channel invites culinary enthusiasts of all backgrounds to discover content that motivates, enlightens, and empowers aspiring talent in the culinary and hospitality industry.

Chef Spotlights

Throughout the year, Chef Works continued its tradition of shining the spotlight on culinary maestros who are making waves in the industry. Through engaging interviews, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and stories of passion and perseverance,  we paint a vivid picture of the diverse talent that shapes the culinary landscape.

This year, we introduced you to Duval Warner, a veteran-turned-chef, whose story reflects the diversity and resilience within the industry. Similarly, Janina Garay’s story showcased her ability to bring her heritage to multiple countries and kitchens. And, because one of our core pillars is all about community, we were excited to highlight the new collaboration between Chef Michael Kitano and Remrick Clemente who met at our very own Table 1807 mixer. To discover more stories of our inspiring Chefs, be sure you’re following our social channels and blogs!

New Product Launches

2023 saw some of our favorite product releases yet, from the Montreal Chef Coat in the sleekest shade of slate blue, to the 100% cotton denim Ridgewood Bib Apron. But perhaps the launch that got the most love this year was the Brio Bib Apron — engineered to be the lightest apron you’ll ever wear. Designed for maximum protection, Brio is wide and long, yet easy to move in. It also features reinforced seams for durability you can count on. Stay tuned for even more amazing releases in 2024, all bound to be instant classics in your kitchen and closet!

Key Initiatives and Collaborations

Chef Works sponsors dozens of food and wine festivals every year — each one has its own personality, charm, and whimsy.

Table 1807

In 2023, Chef Works’ Table 1807 initiative stood out as a vibrant hub for culinary collaboration. Hosting events in cities like LA, NYC, San Diego, and even a National Restaurant Association After Party! These gatherings were not just about connecting people; they sparked innovative culinary projects and deepened connections.

Welcoming Bragard

Bringing the Bragard brand into our family marked a significant step, blending European elegance with global outreach. Our acquisition streamlined operations, ensuring the delivery of high-quality fabrics and designs with greater attention and expediency. Welcoming Bragard into the Chef Works family of brands emphasized our dedication to excellence, promising exciting prospects for the culinary community.

Chef Works Cares

Each year, Chef Works strives to make a positive impact beyond the culinary sphere, supporting causes that touch the lives of many. We actively participated in breast cancer awareness initiatives, reinforcing our commitment to community welfare. The opening of the LEED-certified factory in Bangladesh was a significant stride in our journey towards eco-conscious practices. And, after the wildfires in Maui, we launched the Maui Apron project, a design collaboration where all net profits go towards rebuilding Maui’s community and economy.

These initiatives were not just actions but reflections of our values and dedication to making a positive impact.

What’s Next?

Our unwavering commitment to celebrating and elevating the culinary experience has laid a solid foundation for growth in the industry.

As we move into 2024, Chef Works is poised for another year of culinary innovation and deeper community engagement. We’re excited to introduce new products and expand our Table 1807 initiatives, furthering our commitment to the culinary arts.

Looking ahead to the upcoming year and what’s to come, one thing is abundantly clear — Chef Works will continue to be at the forefront of innovation, style, and passion for the culinary realm. Here’s to an exciting year to come!

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