Fodder for Thought: Week 34

While you’re busy running service, we’re scouring the internet in search of the latest and greatest stories. This week, Bon Appetit urges chefs to lead the environmental revolution, Food Republic fights food waste with pasta and Eater examines licensing deals in the culinary world.


Bon Appetit | Chefs Have a Responsibility to Build a Plant-Based World

Celebrity chefs have the power to affect change for the better. Matthew Kenney, whose new book, “PLANTLAB: Crafting the Future of Food,” explores the traditional role of chefs in the kitchen, where they mostly churned out indulgent foods that were neither helpful to the diner or the planet. Kenney urges the culinary world to shift to a more plant-based approach.


Food Republic | 15 Ways To Fight Food Waste With Pasta

Turns out everyone stocks dried pasta in their pantry. And that means everyone has a built-in base for repurposing leftovers to reduce food waste. No matter what ingredients are lingering in your fridge, Food Republic has a recipe for it. Imagine the pastabilities!


Esquire | Watch Conan O’Brien Work a Shift at the Legendary Sylvia’s in Harlem

What happens when you combine the foolery of Conan O’Brien and the soul food of Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem? Mayhem. Pure mayhem.


Eater | How Chefs Go From Restaurant Kitchen to Grocery Store Brand

Chefs are branching out of the kitchen and landing in the grocery store aisle. Eater looks into the world of licensing deals and found that this new frontier is opening plenty of new revenue streams to chefs, while maintaining quality control and brand imagery.


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