March Apron Ace

If you love your Chef Works apron, use it outside of the traditional kitchen setting (makeup artist, potter, florist, baker, etc.) and would like to be an Apron Ace, email Mel Amaral speaks with an unmistakable fervor when describing her job as a hairstylist. She talks about it the way an artist deconstructs a paintingFIND OUT MORE |

Pineapple Banana Cake Recipe

We’re pretty blessed here at Chef Works. Sometimes chefs love our gear so much that they volunteer recipes. Who are we to say no? One of our favorite pastry chefs, Chef Carolyn Friedman of Miami Beach, Fla., was kind enough to whip up a recipe for Pineapple Banana Cake that’s just for our blog (andFIND OUT MORE |

Taco Bell Debate

Few things can evoke civic pride as much as a hearty regional delicacy debate. Don’t believe me? Try convincing someone from Philadelphia to get a cheesesteak anywhere outside of the city limits. Family holidays have been ruined because of the great New York vs. Chicago pizza debate. As far as the Carolinas are concerned, thereFIND OUT MORE |

NYE 2017 Recap

We hope you had a fun (and safe!) New Year’s Eve! We checked in on a few of our friends from around the world to see how they were celebrating in their kitchens. First up, Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. Clearly they know how to have a good time in his kitchen.FIND OUT MORE |