Grilling Tips with Chef Lamar Moore

By now, you’ve got your menu planned, your tools bought and your outfit picked out – you’re almost ready to fire up the flame and get cooking! To help guarantee a rockin’ Fourth of July cookout, we tapped pit master Lamar Moore for his top tips and tricks to grilling like a pro!


1. “Mise en Place.” Basically this is culinary speak for “be prepared.” Make sure you all your food, seasonings, trays, and tools are laid out in front of you and are easily accessible.

2. Put a lid on it. Control your fire by using your lid to limit the smoke and vent for an even, controlled cook.

3. Tongs, not forks. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good pair of grilling tongs. If you’re using a fork to flip and grab meat, you’re intentionally releasing juices and flavors that are better served on your plate!

4. Treat your meat. Make sure your meat is well seasoned. If you’re using a marinade, let your dish sit for a minimum of four hours.

5. Relax! Grilling takes time and patience. Take a breath and let the meat and grill items cook. Hold out until you have those nice grill marks that not only look pretty but add flavor all their own.





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