Russell Jackson hosts the Inaugural “SCDNYC UGExperience” Next Week in New York City wearing Chef Works Threads

For Immediate Release

May 23, 2014 (San Diego, CA) SubCulture Dining is about to host their inaugural “UGExperience” on May 29, 2014. Seating is limited and there are still seats available so reserve your seat now! For more details click here.

This series called the “rEvolution Summer Series” and is SubCulture Dinings first true Underground Experience on the East Coast. Chef Russell Jackson continues to perfect his culinary artistry that the West Coast has had the pleasure of knowing for over 10 years at SCDSF. Chef Jackson, now in New York at SCDNYC, and is brining his spin on underground eatery to the East Coast. “It’s time to experience what you’ve only read about or heard about or even whispered about”, says Chef Russell Jackson. “I invite you to come truly experience the sights, smells, and sounds of SubCulture Dining  in NYC.”

Chef Jackson will be sporting one of Chef Work’s favorites from our Cool Vent group, the VSSS, Valais V-series Chef Coat in classic black. Chef Works often supports its chefs and are proud to help support events and charities that these culinary leaders put on to not only showcase their unbelievable talent, share their love for food, and help others in need. Rock On! Chef Jackson! We wish we were closer to you so we could be there!

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