Fodder for Thought: Week 33

While you’re busy running service, we’re scouring the Internet in search of the latest and greatest stories to hit the airwaves. This week, Variety breaks the news that Mario Batali is back on the silver screen, Esquire dives into food media’s coverage of female chefs, and Tasting Table reports on the merge of two of the best carbs on the planet to create beer bread.


Tasting Table | Spent Grain Bread Unites Your 2 Favorite Carbs

Beer and bread have a lot more in common than you might think, and creative brewers and bakers from around the nation are bring the two together to create – spent grain bread. Harnessing the power of yeast, brewers are churning out beers made with bread, and bakers are using hop leaves to create loaves. Weird? Maybe, but also, one of these makers just made Forbes’s 30 Under 30 list, so maybe they’re onto something here…


Variety | Mario Batali Returns to Food Network for New Episodes of ‘Molto Mario’

Everyone loves Mario Batali. So when word broke that he’ll be teaming up with Food Network to relaunch Molto Mario, the food world pretty much lost its top. With six episodes set to steam early next year featuring Chef Mario preparing meals with friends and celeb guests alike, you’d be wise to set your DVR now, and prepare to binge on one of the best culinary shows that ever was, and ever will be.


Esquire | Food Media Is Dominated by Women. So Why Aren’t We Writing About Female Chefs?

Esquire explore a striking paradox in the culinary world – while editors, writers, photographers, and publicists are predominately female, it’s subjects and clients are overwhelming male. Why, in an industry dominated by women, are male chefs reaping the benefits and most of the coverage? Truly and intriguing premise, and with interviews from Chef of the Month Chef Alex Raij and likeminded industry folks – worth the read.


Food Republic | 10 Of The Food World’s Most Offensive Types

Eating out brings out either the best in people or the worst, and with new technologies and social media and all the other things now dominating the dining out experience, Food Republic put out a PSA to the culinary community, breaking down the ten worst food types the industry has ever seen. From the chronic Postmater to the dreaded “Gluten-Free” diner and the Yelp Eliter, here’s the worst the culinary world has to offer – enjoy.


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