Fodder for Thought | Weekly News Roundup from Behind the Line – Week 8

While you’re busy running service, we’re scouring the Internet in search of the latest and greatest stories to hit the airwaves. This week, go inside the age of member-only dining clubs, try a new twist on a vodka-infused strawberry-rhubarb pie, and explore these small towns currently climbing the culinary ladder across the country. 

Tasting Table | Members Only: Go inside the new age of members-only dining clubs

Gone are the days when all you needed was a simple reservation to secure a seat at the hottest restaurant in town. Dinner has morphed into a no-holds-barred race to snap and share, and restaurants are eager to meet the demand by creating members only dining clubs. Experimental dining offers those with the dough a chance to eat in the most exclusive of locales, with limited seating and chef-driven fare that’s just begging for that perfect Insta snap.

Bon Appetit | A Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Recipe, with Special Guest Star: Vodka

With summer just around the corner, the two pantry staples are coming together to create a sinful twist on a family favorite. Vodka: meet Rhubarb, and summer picnics: meet happiness. Baked into the crust, vodka assists in making the dough easier to roll out by limiting gluten formation. While the alcohol mostly burns off in the oven, we like to think there’s buzz in every bite, taking this warm-weather staple up a notch, and then some.

Tasting Table | These Black Desserts Will Make You Forget All About Unicorn Foods

Grab your black tea latte and charcoal sorbet because black is the new unicorn, and it’s here to stay. Trending harder than the unicorn frap at Starbucks, black desserts include new flavors of ice cream, donuts, cupcakes, and cakes galore. So next time you’re in the dessert line, skip the sprinkles and head straight for the double-Oreo mud pie. – your soul will thank you later.

Tasting Table | A Tale of New Cities: Eat your way through these under-the-rad
ar culinary gems

Move over LA and NYC – there’s a new crop of culinary talent in town, and they’re primed and ready to take over the food scene, one stellar dish at a time. Smaller cities across the United States are stepping up to the plate, attracting top talent and foodie tourists to such small-time hotbeds as Bloomington, Indiana, and Greenville, South Carolina. And while it may not have a direct flight yet, these cities are worth the journey.

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