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The Cardinal Chef Club at Middleton High School (Middleton, Wis.) has been serving up deliciousness for more than 20 years. The club is an offshoot of the school’s Pro Start class, where students do catering jobs around the school district. They prepare meals for the staff on Parent-Teacher Conference Night, cookies for the National Honor Society and various other events around the school.

The club recently took third place at the 1st Recipe for Excellence Cooking Competition at the University of Wisconsin. Club members and seniors Tanner Mickelson and Mario Morales chatted with the Chef Works blog about the club and why they love their Chef Works gear!

What’s been your best experience with the Cardinal Club so far?

Mario Morales: Definitely working with my classmates. We’ve gotten to do a lot of fun events and it’s been a great opportunity for us to come together, learn a new skill and create something together. The competitions are a lot of fun too!

When you joined the club, what were you hoping to get out of it?

Tanner Mickelson: I was hoping to learn new cooking skills. And I absolutely have! These are skills I’m going to be able to carry with me for the rest of my life.

If you could cook for any celebrity, who would it be and why?

MM: Easy, Chef Grant Achatz. He definitely motivates me to want to be the best. Maybe someday I can be like him and run a kitchen that has a reputation for excellence.

You have one dish to make that will impress Chef Achatz. What is it?

TM: I personally like to grill. And you can’t beat steak on the grill. So I’d say the perfect steak with a Béarnaise Sauce.

Where will you and Tanner be 10 years from now? What will you be talking about at your 10-year reunion?

MM: Hopefully I’ll be running my own hospitality business. The skills I’m picking up here are going to help me a lot moving forward. Tanner wants to be an engineer. So maybe we’ll both be running our own companies 10 years from now.

You guys wear aprons and chef coats from Chef Works. What’s your favorite part about our gear?

TM: I love that it’s all so breathable. Even during Wisconsin winters, it can get hot in the kitchen. They are fashionable and swaggy.

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