Chef Works® Weekly Bites:
Week 42

Welcome to Week 42 of 2019. Chef Works® Weekly Bites is where we take a dive into the notable and fun food stories of the week.

First up is guess the quote: “Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” (Do you know who said it? Answer at the bottom).


How about we start this week off with a little guacamole for 20? Turns out, if you live in Maui, you can feed 20 off of one avocado! The Associated Press has the story of the family that set the Guinness World Record for the heaviest avocado, weighing in at 5.6 pounds.

Mark and Juliane Pokini and their son, Loihi, applied in December for the Guinness recognition involving a tough verification process by the company known as the chronicler of the world’s record achievements.

The family in 2018 entered another avocado, but it did not meet all of the elements of the Guinness verification process requiring input from a certified horticulturist, two forms completed by witnesses, a state-certified scale, photographs, video and other documentation.

For the second attempt, the family gathered a team and the right tools ahead of time as they watched the growth of what became the record fruit.

You can read the AP’s full report here.


  • Do you – should you – tip 20 percent regardless of the service? This Washington Post op/ed makes the case that you should.
  • “Ghost kitchens” are becoming a vital part of the fast food delivery playbook, according to MSN and Business Insider.
  • Parks & Rec fans will remember that Ron Swanson loves a nice glass of Lagavulin. The actor who portrayed Swanson – Nick Offerman – is also a fan. In fact, he’s getting his own limited-edition whiskey, per Food & Wine.


What started out as a satirical Facebook post about the size of Halloween candy might actually make some sense, according to the folks at Eater. Essentially, if you live in affluent areas, you should be giving out full-sized candy bars in what they’re calling the “Halloween Tax.”


If you’re in the Denver area today, be sure to check out the launch of the Chef Works® store-in-store at The Knife Guys.

There’s going to be bites, beer, wine, spirits, some notable Denver chefs and lots of Chef Works® gear to try on! The Chef Works® team is excited to be teaming up with The Knife Guys for this new concept. You can read more about it here!


We were fortunate last week to have Master Chef Winner Dorian Hunter in the Chef Works® office chatting with our product development team. She tried on a Springfield Chef Coat and was blown away by the comfort and style!

This short-sleeve bestseller is perfect for hot kitchens thanks to the lite twill fabric, side-seam slits and award-winning Cool Vent™ heat management technology. It’s a staple of our Urban Collection™ and comes in a wide range of colors. Don’t forget that there are exclusive cuts for women and men.


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