Fodder for Thought | Week 21

While you’re busy running service, we’re scouring the Internet in search of the latest and greatest stories to hit the airwaves. This week, Tasting Table explores Austin’s all-lady Holly Roller restaurant, Eater goes inside the kitchen at Cote, and Restaurant Business dives into Hurricane Harvey’ effect on the culinary landscape of Houston.

Tasting Table | Ladies’ Night
Who runs the world – or in this case, the kitchen? Women! The culinary world is abuzz about Austin’s all-female run restaurant – helmed by chef Callie Speer and her crew of powerhouse pros. Tasting Table explores what led Holy Roller to become one of the first high-profile all-female kitchen crews, and how while they’re not out to make a statement or change restaurant culture, they’re doing just that, and serving great food in the process.

Eater | Watch: This Korean Barbecue Deserves a Michelin StarKorean barbecue is having their moment in the sun, and Eater’s K-Town series is there with camera-in-hand to capture all the action. Follow along as they get an insider’s look into the kitchen at Cote, where Michelin-star buzz is mounting, one ribeye at a time.

 NY Times | Hotel Buffets, a Culprit of Food Waste, Get Downsized In the current climate of wanting to reduce food waste and maximize efficiency on the line, buffets seem like a relic of the past. Following the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, researchers studied diner’s behavior at the buffet and their results were striking. Guests ate just over half of the food put out – with only 10-15% of leftovers eligible for donation. Read on for what the industry is doing to combat buffet waste, and how they’re working to change attitudes on-and-off the line.

Restaurant Business | Mammoth Storms Pummel The Restaurant IndustryaHurricanes Harvey and Irma are wreaking havoc, and the dining industry is not immune. Restaurant Business dives into the effects of the hurricane on hospitality operators and tracks efforts to maintain business and stay afloat. From a restaurant opening that’s postponed indefinitely, to curfews cutting into business’ bottom lines, and a loss of traffic, there are many more obstacles to overcome before the culinary scene recovers from these massive storms.

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