How to Cook with Chicory

Kick the kale to the curb – Chicory is the new “it” vegetable gracing stock pots in kitchens around the world, and we’re here with the inside scoop to help you navigate this bittersweet and bodacious family of lettuce.

What is chicory?

Part of the salad family, chicories comprise those pleasantly bitter, multihued lettuces – think radicchio or escarole. Hardy enough for heavy recipes and able to handle lots of spice, chefs are using chicories in just about everything these days. Also, their bright colors, intricate patterns, and plating style means that these chicories are getting snapped by foodies left and right, providing near-perfect Instagram fodder.

What is the benefit of using chicories?

Chew on this – chicory lettuces boast a wide range of health benefits, including easing digestive problems, preventing heartburn, reducing arthritis pains, and acting as a detoxifier for the liver and gallbladder. Moral of the story – grab a few heads of these guys at the grocery store – your body will thank you later.

Chicory starter kit:

+ White Beans with Chicory

+ Sautéed Chicory Salad

+ Orecchiette with Sausage and Chicory

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