Recipes from Friends:
St. Patrick’s Day Edition

There are lots of ways to celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland this Sunday. Some involve eating. Others involve drinking. And there are also plenty of festive activities that surround St. Patrick. But one thing is for sure – they all involve green!

We turned to Dallas-based pastry chef Casey Doody to concoct a sweet (and green) treat just for the Chef Works blog in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Trained at the French Pastry School in Chicago and the Art Institute of Dallas, Doody has worked in all kinds of restaurants from casual to fine dining to hotels.

Pastry Chef Casey Doody in her Marbella Chef Coat.

For this holiday, Doody is going with macarons. Which makes sense … her confections have been featured in magazines, she’s cooked at the James Beard House and she even invented the first-ever fried macaron for the Texas State Fair. She’s happy to share this recipe with our readers. All she asks in return is for folks to do a little reading up on No Kid Hungry and to help out if they can.



110g Egg whites

40g Water

150g Sugar

150g Almond flour

150g Powder sugar



Digital scale

Electric mixer and whisk attachment


Tami Sieve ( flour sifter)

Silicone baking mat

Round piping tip

Pastry bags


(All temperatures Fahrenheit unless noted)

Preheat convection oven to 280-degrees.

Separate egg whites into two, scaling out 55g and 55g. Place one of the portioned egg whites into an electric mixer bowl and reserve the second half for later.

In a robocoupe, pulse almond flour and powder sugar together until super fine. Sift flour mixture twice. Add the first of the egg whites, 55g of egg whites to the sifter flour mixture.

Combine water and sugar into a pot.

With a fitted whisk attachment to the electric mixer, start whipping egg whites on medium speed. As the whites are whipping, bring the sugar mixture to 110-degrees Celsius. Once your sugar has reached 110-degrees Celsius, stream into your foamy egg whites by pouring it down the side of the electric mixing bowl to create a meringue mixture. Add green food coloring for St. Patrick’s Day deliciousness!

Once meringue reaches a medium-to-stiff peak, incorporate meringue into the sifted dry ingredients. Add the reserved 55g of egg whites into flour/meringue mixture until all ingredients are homogenized.

With a round, half-inch piping tip fitted onto a disposable pastry bag, pipe desired sized circle onto a silicone mat.

After piping the macaron batter, let macarons sit unbaked for an hour.

After the macarons are dry, place them into a 280-degree oven for 12 minutes.

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