Social bits to make you smile

The blessing and the curse of social media is that it can give you whatever feels you want, whenever you want them.

If you want serious news, it’s there. If you want puppies and kittens playing together, you can get that too. And if you want the negative, it’s not hard to find – especially right now.

We prefer staying positive with some feel-good news rather than the doom and gloom. So we gathered some posts that struck home with us about the community we serve and hand-crafted a collection of stories from the culinary and hospitality industries that we’re pretty sure are going to make you smile.

There is no shortage of amazing stories out there. These are but a few.

And if you have something incredible to share that helps keep everyone’s spirits up, be sure to tag us with #ChefWorks and #FindtheFork.

Catch up on stories and news from the Chef Works blog:

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