Valentine’s Day: Dos and Don’ts



Valentine's Day: Dos and Don'ts

If you didn’t remember, next week is Valentine’s Day. And we’re here to help those of you who might be a little indecisive about what to do. We went around the Chef Works offices in San Diego and solicited some Valentine’s Day advice.

Whether you’re going on a first date, or have been married for five decades, here are some dos and don’ts for this year’s Valentine’s Day – and every year after.

From the Women:

Payton, Sponsorship and Social Media Administrator:

Do: Bring flowers! And if you’re the guy, definitely pay the bill at dinner.

Don’t: Bring flowers that are dead or dying. Take a couple of minutes to pick out nice ones. And don’t forget your wallet!

Jessica, HR specialist:

Do: A home-cooked dinner. It doesn’t have to be special. If you’re married with children, it never hurts to spend time together as a family.

Don’t: Bring flowers. Everybody gets flowers on Valentine’s Day. It’s so cliché. I’d rather get flowers on a random Tuesday than on Valentine’s Day.

Jenelle, Controller

Do: Make time. That’s all that really matters. Make sure you can leave work just a little bit early and find the time to spend together.

Don’t: Buy flowers! They are outrageously expensive on Valentine’s Day and I don’t want my husband spending the money. I’m a controller. This just makes economic sense.

From the Men:

Chris, Manager, Program Development:

Do: Get a card. You always have to at least get a card. That’s a must.

Don’t: Come home empty-handed.

Tim, E-commerce Director:

Do: Flowers and dinner. It may be basic, but you can’t go wrong with it either.

Don’t: Forget! It’s easy to do when you get wrapped up in work and everything else in life.

Kevin, Sr. Content Writer:

Do: A simple gesture just so she knows you remember. This could be dinner and/or flowers. Here’s the kicker though. Do the exact same thing a week later when she doesn’t expect it! Bonus points!

Don’t: Create unrealistic expectations. It’s a day. There are 364 more opportunities to do something awesome. Don’t pin it all on this one day.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day dos or don’ts? We’d love to hear them. Or would we?

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