6 Chef Instagram Feeds to Follow Now

It wouldn’t be wrong to say we think about chefs, like, 24/7. How they operate, what they cook, what they’re wearing – we want to know it all, and we spend a huge chunk of our day trying to get inside their minds in order to design the perfect coat, apron, or accessory to make their time in the kitchen a little easier.

If you’re just as obsessed with the culinary world as we are, we went ahead and tapped our Social Media Strategist Mai Cao to share her current list of hot-shot chefs and artisans making magic in the kitchen, those whose Instagram feeds light up our lives, and send us spiraling into the mouthwatering world of food!

Check out her list below, and follow along @Chef_Works to see even more foodie inspiration!!

Chef Jose Luis Hinostroza, San Diego | @seriousmouthfuls

This San Diego native just wrapped up a stint cooking at Noma Tulum, and is currently eating his way through Mexico before heading back to the states. His ingredient driven feed offers a mix of education (ever wondered what a Chincuya is?), to behind-the-scenes snaps of his time behind the line with legendary chef René Redzepi.

Katsuji Tanabe, LA | @katsujitanabe

This high-flying chef boasts some pretty impressive accolades – Top Chef, Master Chef Mexico, the list goes on and on. But what really sets Chef Katsuji apart is his celebrity squad – check out his snaps with everyone from Andrew Zimmern to Renee Erickson, and enjoy his hilarious tell-all videos where he dishes about, well, his dishes!

Walter M. Apefelbaum, Detroit | @wmapple75

Our de-facto destination for drool-worthy re-post pics, this badass butcher helms operations at Prime + Proper in Detroit, a soon-to-be-opened modern American steakhouse in the historic Capital Park neighborhood. Tune in to catch all his mouth-watering meat-masterpieces, restaurant updates, and, did we mention steak!?

Drew M. Deckman, Baja, Mexico | @deckmansenelmogor

Nestled in the front yard of a vineyard overlooking the idyllic Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico’s booming wine region is the fabled Deckman’s en el Mogor . Celebrated Chef Drew Deckman, who is leading the growing culinary movement of the region, cooks in a rustic outdoor kitchen, utilizing the areas produce and proteins to create (and snap) a truly epic meal to remember.

Michael & Brian Voltaggio, Los Angeles | @mvoltaggio & @bryanvoltaggio

Could the Voltaggio brothers be any cooler? Not really. These men-about-town light up our Instagram feeds with sneak peeks of their far-flung adventures, behind-the-scenes food snaps, and selfies with some true culinary greats.

Chris Osbourne, San Diego | @chfosborneknife

Chef Osbourne takes his craft seriously, and his moody Instagram feed offers some serious plating inspiration. As the newly appointed chef at neighborhood bistro Counterpoint, he’s cutting his chops on not just elevated eats – the man also harbors a passion for Japanese cutlery, and loves showing off his newest additions.

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