Support for Maui

  Here at Chef Works, our hearts are breaking as we think of our friends, family, and partners on Maui. In response to the recent Maui wildfires, Chef Works is donating $10,000 to help the community heal and rebuild. Our donation will be divided equally between the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival and Central WorldFIND OUT MORE |

September Chef of Chef Works: Janina Garay

For Chef Janina Garay, pastry has always been personal. Her first solo project, Cannella, was inspired by childhood memories of arroz con leche, butter buns, and playing with her cousins on their multi-generational property. Now, Chef Janina (or Nina, for short), is Culinary Director of Be Saha Hospitality Group, the creative visionaries behind some ofFIND OUT MORE |

August Chef of Chef Works: Paula DaSilva

Chef Paula DaSilva is the Director of Culinary and Beverage at the Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale, renowned for her soulful take on farm-to-table cuisine. In this Chef Works exclusive, Chef Paula talks Brazilian cuisine, building a better industry, and the best career advice she’s ever received. Chef Works: Let’s touch on your culinary roots. What’s theFIND OUT MORE |

12 Best Kitchen Tools for Chefs

There are several tools that amateur and professional chefs agree belong on a kitchen essentials list. Keep reading for the top 12 items everyone with serious (and not-so-serious) culinary ambitions should have. 1. A high-quality chef’s knife Of all the things to have in a kitchen, a professional chef’s knife is perhaps the most indispensable.FIND OUT MORE |

July Chef of Chef Works: Fri Reyes

Meet Fri Reyes: Director of Culinary Services and Executive Chef at Scripps Health in San Diego. Growing up, Fri Reyes always knew two things about himself: one, he wanted to cook professionally; and two, mental health matters. In this Chef Works exclusive, he shares his unique journey through the food world, early influences, the transformativeFIND OUT MORE |

A Closer Look at What Makes Chef Uniforms So Special

Chef uniforms, often called ‘whites,’ hold great significance for both new and experienced chefs. Many chefs never forget the moment they receive their first chef coat, and, even after years in the profession, the magic remains. But what exactly makes chef uniforms so special? Whether you’re a culinary student, an aspiring chef, or restaurateur, readFIND OUT MORE |