Fodder for Thought: Week 28

While you’re busy running service, we’re scouring the Internet in search of the latest and greatest stories to hit the airwaves. This week, Napa Valley comes together to rebuild, Esquire names the best new restaurants in America, and Restaurant Hospitality explores restaurant’s newest rival.

Eater | ‘Rebuild Wine Country’ Is Helping Wineries and Residents Look to the Future
Since the devastating fires in the Napa Valley, California’s wine region is reeling, with a group of wine industry professionals launching Rebuild Wine Country, an organization that seeks to help those affected in the long-term. Eater talks with the founders, who recount their harrowing story and how this newly formed non-profit is already creating positive change for the local community. To learn more, and to donate, visit

Esquire | The Best New Restaurants in America 2017
Another day, another ‘Best Of’ list, but this time, Esquire Magazine jumped into the fray, with one stark difference in methodology. Chief Critic Jeff Gordinier eschews the trendy concepts that seem to confuse rather than satisfy. His list looks to those restaurants that are doing “it” right – whatever that is. From places that reinvigorate the senses, to regular joints that continually churn out meals that speak to you, to those that just deliver the simpler pleasures in life, his list of restaurants are approachable in nature, and already have a table ready for you.

Restaurant Hospitality | Restaurant rivals aren’t who you think they are
Turns out, your rival isn’t the bistro next door. As meal kits, restaurant delivery, and upmarket grocery chains continue to grow in popularity, diners are increasingly choosing to stay in, forgoing the restaurant experience for their regular spot on the couch. Restaurant Hospitality dives into this emerging culinary powerhouse, and how restaurants can adapt to meet this new challenger.

Tasting Table | 7 Celebrities on the Foods They Love to Hate
We all have foods we love to hate, including food celebs. And while Ina Garten hates cilantro, Alton Brown thinks truffle oil sucks, and Jimmy Fallon is disgusted by mayo. We all have our quirks, it seems.

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