Weekly Bites: That lasagna fanny pack you’ve always wanted …

Welcome to Week 44 of 2020. Chef Works® Weekly Bites is where we take a dive into the notable and fun food stories of the week.


Chef Marcus Samuelsson is putting African foods and African stories front and center with his new book: “The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food.” In an interview with the Associated Press, Samuelsson says African American dishes are far more prevalent than the typical eater might realize.

The book — with essays by Osayi Endolyn and recipe development by Yewande Komolafe — is a rich mix of stories and food, from citrus scallops with hibiscus tea to oxtail pepperpot with dumplings. As Samuelsson writes in the introduction: “This isn’t an encyclopedia. It’s a feast. And everyone’s invited.”

You can read the full story from the AP here.


  • Starting your Christmas shopping already? Know someone who loves their lasagna on the go? Stouffer’s has launched a fanny pack just for lasagna (though we’re presuming additional pastas could be added) so you’re never without your favorite dish. Here’s more from Delish.
  • The McRib – a concoction that long ago reached cult status, is returning next month, McDonald’s announced. It’s the first time in nearly a decade that the sandwich will be released nationally, per CNN.
  • The Vegas Test Kitchen: Is it a risky gamble, or the dawn of a new type of restaurant? Food & Wine takes a look.


There are lots of recipes, tips and tricks out there for what to do with all of that Halloween candy. By the unwritten rules of society, you have until Thanksgiving to eat it and it’s still “Halloween” candy. After that, you’re just eating candy.

But what about those pumpkins? Any thoughts on what you can do with them? Lattes? Loafs? Bird feeders? Real Homes has some nifty ideas to make sure your pumpkin doesn’t go to waste.


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