Weekly Bites: The chicken wars are coming home to roost

Welcome to Week 1 of 2021 (we made it!). This is where we take a dive into the fun and notable food stories of the week.


Remember the Chicken Wars of 2019? Granted, it wasn’t as big as Jon Snow outside the gates of Winterfell or the Battle of Yavin, but it was still a pretty big deal.

Just when we thought there was a sense of dining détente, McDonald’s jumps into the fray with a three-sandwich salvo. This “multi-tiered” technique, according to McDonald’s USA President Joe Erlinger, is the path to fowl play. Here’s the quote from Restaurant Business Online:

“What’s clear is that none of our markets are ‘one chicken sandwich away’ from achieving this goal,” Erlinger said. “We have to take a broader approach, one where chicken is a platform, not a single product.”

You can read the full story here.


  • Not for the weak-stomached. Delish reports Burger King Brazil put all of the bad things about 2020 on a burger. It includes sardines, a chicken foot, and overcooked noodles, among other ingredients that don’t exactly complement each other. There’s a picture. You’ve been warned.
  • Let’s face it, 2020 was not the year for fine dining. That means farmers of exotic foods – like snails – had a tough year. Food & Wine reports on the snail surplus in France.
  • One trend that we’re already recognizing for 2021 is that people are writing a lot of trend stories about what’s going to trend in 2021. See the trend? We can’t list them all. But for those who don’t like chicken, sardine burgers or snails, here are some plant-based trends to keep an eye on, per The Beet.
  • What, oh what am I going to do with all of this leftover champagne? Try these seven sparkling wine-inspired recipes, courtesy of Insider.


New Year, new you, right? Well, if the old you still likes desserts (and we don’t blame you if you do) then you’re going to want to keep satisfying that sweet tooth, even if you’re cutting back on calories and carbs in the new year.

Good thing the folks at Eat this, Not That, have 50 recipes to try in 2021. And yes, dessert options are among them. Is that a Banana-Nutella Crepe we see?


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