Weekly Bites: Wife of Chef Floyd Cardoz keeps spice dream alive

Welcome to Week 40 of 2020. Chef Works® Weekly Bites is where we take a dive into the notable and fun food stories of the week.


The culinary world was rocked and saddened when COVID-19 claimed the life of Chef Floyd Cardoz back in March. A master of spices, he was in development to have his own brand distributed before he passed. Now his wife is making that dream a reality. From Food & Wine:

Barkha Cardoz, Floyd’s wife, refused to let the project die with him. “This is his legacy,” she says. “It was his dream to get every person on the face of this earth to have Indian spices in their kitchen cabinets. He just wanted everyone to love Indian flavors as much as he did.”

You can read the full story in Food & Wine here.


  • What really went down during the $13.7-billion sale of Whole Foods to Amazon? Business Insider reports on the new book from Whole Foods Founder and CEO John Mackey.
  • As winter approaches, what are the chances restaurants will receive additional federal aid? Nation’s Restaurant News reports the chances are slim.
  • There are some things Californians have come to bank on every late summer/early fall. 1) Wildfires and 2) Chef Guy Fieri coming to the aid of first responders. Here’s more from Eater.


Subway for dessert? If you’ve been following the news lately then you’d know why. Turns out, according to an Irish court, the bread from the popular sandwich chain is actually “confectionery or fancy baked good.”

So if your Cold Cut Combo has also been satisfying your sweet tooth, there’s a legal reason why. You can read more from NPR.


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Get caught up on last week’s Weekly Bites here. (Spoiler alert, you’ll be crying over spilled wine).

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