Working Chefs Spill: “All Chefs Want for Valentines Day is…”

The quickest way to a chef’s heart is, apparently, not through their stomach. With romantically inclined diners snapping up reservations for a night on the town this Valentines Day, we snuck into the kitchen to ask top chefs from around the world: “what do chefs really want for Valentines Day?”

While most just wanted a day off, others shared their more intimate desires – including champagne, cookies, and of course, cook wear 😉

“Cook me dinner! (But I’m busy at work, so probably can’t get away) – So maybe breakfast in bed the morning after!”

Chef Anthony Lamas | Seviche, James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southeast semifinalist



“A day at the spa.”

Chef Dominique Crenn | Atelier Crenn, Chef’s Table Season 2, World’s Best Female Chef 


“Caviar, raspberries, champagne at sunset.”

Chef Elizabeth Falkner | James Beard Award for Best Pastry Chef semifinalist, Culinary Hall of Fame inductee

“Cool old cast iron pans J

Chef Jenn Louis | Lincoln, Author: Pasta by Hand, James Beard Award for Best Chef: Northwest semifinalist



“I would have to say Unimog ;)”

Chef Johnny Luzzini | Author: Dessert Foreplay, James Beard Award: Best Pastry Chef



“A nice glass of wine & a massage! Being a chef means you’re on your feet all the time, and it also means if you want fancy chocolates you could probably just make them yourself or know a pastry chef ;). So save the box of candy and plan for an evening of pampering and relaxation!”

Nikki Martin | The Roulette Society, Food Network Star


“A Chateaubriand steak for two. It’s a Valentines Day must.”

Pat LaFrieda, Pat LaFrieda Wholesale Meat Purveyors

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