Chef Works Weekly Bites: Avocado toast on Mars?

Welcome to Week 38 of 2020. Chef Works® Weekly Bites is where we take a dive into the notable and fun food stories of the week.


When we’re ready to ditch Earth and make our way to populating Mars, it’s reassuring to know that we’ll still be able to get avocado toast.

Per Food & Wine, researchers in Australia have shown that avocado shoots can be cryogenically frozen – preserving them for travel from the third to the fourth rock from the sun. If Matt Damon can pull it off with potatoes, who’s to say we won’t one day be guac-ing and rolling on the red planet?

“I suppose you could say they are space-age avocados—ready to be cryo-frozen and shipped to Mars when human flight becomes possible,” said [Prof. Neena Mitter]. “But it is really about protecting the world’s avocado supplies here on earth and ensuring we meet the demand of current and future generations for their smashed ‘avo’ on toast.”

You can read the full story here.


  • Let’s talk finger sanitation. In the age of COVID, “finger lickin’ good” just doesn’t cut it anymore. Nation’s Restaurant News reports on KFC’s about-face on the longtime marketing slogan.
  • However – for those who love cheesy chips, but hate getting cheese dust all over their fingers (forcing unwanted finger licking) there’s a new invention just for you. Delish has the scoop on “Chip Fingers,” which are designed to keep the dust off of your tips.
  • A fine dining restaurant in St. Louis is trying a drive-in tasting menu. Is it going to work? Read more from Restaurant Hospitality.
  • At a time when many restaurants are struggling, one Southern California chain is looking to expand. Crack Shack, a popular fried chicken restaurant, which once included Chef Richard Blais as a founder, is expanding outside of California, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.


Is it or isn’t it happening? We’re just about five weeks away from Halloween and the CDC is issuing guidelines telling families to avoid trick-or-treating. Does that mean you should ditch the tradition all together? Absolutely not.

There are alternatives, which USA Today lays out in this story – including socially-distanced costume parties and grab-and-go, one-way trick-or-treating.


Hotel Business reported earlier this week on a line of face coverings being launched by Design Collective by Cintas.

Mentioned in the story is that Cintas is also carrying the SKILD SERIES™ face coverings from Chef Works. You might recall in 2019 that Chef Works became part of Design Collective by Cintas, positioned alongside apparel giants like Under Armour®, Levis®, Carhartt® and Cherokee®.

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