Chew On This: Week 3

Welcome to Week 3!

With basketball, hockey and football still in full swing, this is the time to celebrate three-pointers, hat tricks and field goals! But for now, some food news…

This week we’re bringing you “Bird Box” news, some creative ways Hawaii is combating invasive species, super sliders for your playoff party and one meatless company taking on the final frontier!

To the links!

It seems like the only thing more popular right now than oat milk is “Bird Box.” The Netflix horror flick has already spawned an ill-advised internet challenge. Now, via Today, restaurateurs are taking it to the next level with “Bird Box” inspired theme dinners. It’s probably best suited for adults, so be sure to leave Boy and Girl at home.

Hawaii has been under siege by some invasive species of late. So chefs are taking a fascinating tack on how to deal with the problem: cook ‘em and serve ‘em. Food & Wine has the interesting report direct from the islands.

The NFL conference championship games are this weekend. That means it’s time to test out some recipes before the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks. And everyone knows that is the Granddaddy of all house parties. Make sure your slider game is on-point with 43 suggestions from Delish.

(Cue the Star Trek voice and music) Steak … the final frontier. In the hotly contested race for meatless dominance, creating a steak, sans the meat, is the holy grail. Impossible Foods says it’s up to the challenge, according to this report from Eater.

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